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Radix aims to become the VC of choice for CEE based deep tech entrepreneurs

Deep technologies will be at the center of the next wave of industrial revolution as many industries need to transform. The current Covid related crisis, like many crises before will speed up innovation and push companies to introduce new technologies. Transformation has become a must, it is no longer an option. Many industries have already rushed to adopt 3D printing, RPA and robotics to cope with labor shortages and broken supply chains. (BCG, 2020).

Deep tech is already becoming one of the most dynamic segments of the VC industry which is reflected by an over 12x increase in deal volume from 2012 to 2018 according to Pitchbook data (MIT, 2019).

CEE can become the next hotbed of deep tech innovations, but it needs to address a huge gap in deep tech financing especially at the late seed stage.

Radix is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the CEE deep tech opportunity because of the track record of its founders, a proprietary pipeline and a strong network of partnerships with top research institutions in the region.

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